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Basketmouth Extends Long-Awaited Apology to AY Makun, Resolving 17-Year Feud

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Renowned Nigerian stand-up comedians, AY and Basketmouth, have long been fixtures in the country’s comedy scene.

Their tumultuous relationship made headlines last year when they were spotted avoiding each other in public, confirming their strained ties.

The rift between them, as AY revealed in March, dates back to 2006, stemming from unpaid earnings for a show he hosted for Basketmouth.

However, Basketmouth has now taken to Instagram, extending an olive branch to AY, addressing him as “my guy.” He sought forgiveness and expressed his desire for them to coexist in peace and harmony.

The ace comedian also issued an apology to those he may have offended within and outside the industry. He acknowledged the allegations against him and asked for forgiveness, regardless of the truth.

Addressing AY directly, he said, “I do not know if my apology is still valid right now, but if it is, please forgive me. I want you to know that I forgive whatever you did or said knowingly or unknowingly. It is gone. I just want us to live in peace and harmony.”

Basketmouth, in a candid moment, admitted that part of the motivation behind his apology was his upcoming show on November 26, with a touch of humor, acknowledging the practical side of the situation.

In contrast, AY had previously stated in July that he would prefer to die rather than reconcile with Basket mouth, highlighting the depth of their strained relationship.

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