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Anambra Billionaire E-Money Faces Investigation for N1.2bn Dispute with Lagos Company

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Emeka Okonkwo, also known as E-Money, the Chief Executive Officer of Emy Cargo and Shipping Services Limited, finds himself under investigation at the Force Criminal Investigation Department Annex in Alagbon. This follows an alleged dispute with Autocorp Limited, a vehicle dealing company in Lagos State, over a staggering sum of N1,209,200,000.

An anonymous police source confirmed that they had summoned both Okonkwo and the aggrieved party for questioning. Authorities have scheduled another meeting to delve deeper into the case.

During a conversation with Patricia Iduwre, the sales manager for Autocorp Limited, she revealed that the company had engaged Okonkwo to clear eight vehicles between 2020 and 2021. However, despite Okonkwo supposedly clearing the vehicles, Autocorp Limited has yet to take delivery of them, valued at N1,209,200,000.

Iduwre expressed frustration, stating that Okonkwo claimed to have sold the vehicles due to an alleged outstanding debt on their part, a claim Autocorp vehemently denies. The matter escalated when the police intervened, revealing inconsistencies in Okonkwo’s statements regarding the sale of the vehicles.

Raymond Olaiya, the lawyer representing Autocorp Limited, labeled the dispute as involving “stealing, fraudulent conversion, and criminal sale” in a petition to the FCID. The petition implored the authorities to investigate and bring Okonkwo to justice.

When contacted, Okonkwo denied the allegations but confirmed a business transaction had occurred between both parties. He invited further discussion to present his side of the story, indicating his availability on a specified date.

Aminat Mayegun, the spokesperson for the FCID Annex in Alagbon, confirmed the ongoing investigation. She stated that they had invited Okonkwo and he acknowledged the investigation. Both parties are expected to participate in further discussions, with a scheduled date for the purpose.

Source: Punch

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