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Controversy Over Air Peace’s Use Of Igbo Language Sparks Debate In Nigeria

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Nigerians criticized a user for criticizing Igbo language use on Air Peace flights.

In a statement on Monday, an X user, simply identified as Queen Veekay, berated the airline for using Igbo language aboard its flight.

Describing it as “disgusting behavior,” Queen Veekay alleged that Igbos would have complained if Yoruba was used by other airlines in their audio.

Veekay stated, “Air Peace has started using Igbo audio on their planes, and I must say this is another disgusting behavior because complaints about how Igbos are being marginalized on airplanes would arise if this plane were owned by a Yoruba person.” Are Igbos going to be the only tribes on that plane?”

Reacting to her statement, Nigerians mentioned that other airlines use indigenous languages aboard their flights. Dr. Joshep Onourah remarked, “Ibom Air has always spoken local dialects on flights since 2020. Same for most international airlines.”

Godswill Essien also notes that “Ibom Air used English and Ibibio on my last flights from and to Abuja. No one complained. What you are dragging is a non-issue.”

In his reaction, Afam Deluxo points out that “Air Peace is a privately owned business by an Igbo man and is not your national carrier.”

He argues, “If you don’t like Air Peace using Igbo onboard, start your own airline. When you have a national carrier, you can decide.” Olu believes Air Peace can use any language for announcements. Igbo is still an indigenous language, and I am sure they also announce it in English.

“Air Peace is a private business, not a government-owned entity. You are free to call Turkish Air or Saudi Air and complain.”

Savn Daniel characterized the airline’s use of the Igbo language as “a common trend that promotes the culture of a people.” He further notes, “Enter Ibom Air and other airlines. There is nothing serious about it. Instead, we should applaud the airline. After all, traveling is part of education; it allows you to learn new things and new languages.

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