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10 Nigerian Streetwear Brands You Should Totally Check Out | Streetwear Brands of the Week

by InlandTown Editor
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Streetwear fashion in Nigeria has evolved into a dynamic subculture that’s gaining global recognition, transcending cultural boundaries. Within this vibrant scene, we spotlight ten standout streetwear brands of the week, each making waves in the Nigerian fashion industry.

  1. WAFFLESNCREAM (Waf)For those who appreciate streetwear with a touch of luxury, WAFFLESNCREAM is a top choice. Founded in Lagos, they effortlessly blend urban aesthetics with Nigerian culture, creating a high-standing presence in the Nigerian streetwear arena. Their collections boast lively graphics, playful designs, and an inclusive spirit.
  2. WWYDWWYD stands out with its clever designs, impressive color schemes, and a style reminiscent of the alternative fashion scene, appealing to the fashion-conscious crowd.
  3. Man Acquired Knowledge (MAK)Streetwear designer Mark kotun’s brand, Man Acquired Knowledge, takes a philosophical approach to design, skillfully merging patterns and colors. This brand is known for its striking trouser cuts, oil paint-inspired designs, and other unique fashion expressions.
  4. Meji MejiMeji Meji captivates with Afrocentric streetwear, infusing traditional motifs with contemporary style to make a bold fashion statement.
  5. AshluxeCombining luxury with streetwear, Ashluxe offers a diverse range of designs, from coordinated sets to vibrant jerseys. They effortlessly radiate sophistication while embracing the urban aesthetic.
  6. High FashionFounded by Nigerian model and designer Rahman Jago, High Fashion lives up to its name by blending high-end style with street-inspired attitude.
  7. NACK ApparelNigerian Articulate Culture Kullection, known as NACK, pushes boundaries with innovative designs, making a daring statement in the world of Nigerian streetwear fashion.
  8. VIVENDIVIVENDII epitomizes contemporary Africa, fusing heritage and urban culture in striking streetwear designs. Their collections seamlessly blend red-carpet glamour with street-inspired fashion.
  9. Post-ImperialNiyi Okuboye’s Post-Imperial challenges typical streetwear norms. It’s renowned for its distinctive use of Nigerian indigo fabric, showcasing the country’s textile heritage in both traditional and modern designs.
  10. Nukes and ZeroesNukes and Zeroes is gaining notoriety for its innovative take on streetwear. With a philosophical approach, they bring inner thoughts to life through eccentric styling and social commentary. Blending luxury and fashion, Nukes and Zeroes is rapidly becoming one of Nigeria’s most recognized streetwear brands.

These brands not only influence the fashion landscape but also narrate a story of resilience, innovation, and Nigeria’s rich cultural tapestry to the world. If you’re seeking to elevate your style with finesse and flair, these brands are an absolute must-check-out.

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