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Inland Town’s Inaugural Provenance of Africa Culture Webinar Series Sets a New Standard for Cultural Discourse

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Inland Town New Media, Nigeria’s Leading Online Culture Magazine, celebrated a triumphant launch of its Provenance of Africa Culture Webinar Series on September 30th. The event, themed “Social Media as a Tool for Resolving Cultural Identity Crisis,” was a resounding success, exceeding all expectations.

Hosted by the distinguished culture curator and digital communications expert, Mr. Nonso Austin Areh, who also serves as the Managing Editor at Inland Town New Media, the webinar provided an insightful exploration of the intricate cultural fabric woven throughout Nigerian society. Mr. Areh’s expertise and engaging presence set the tone for a captivating discussion.

The event was expertly moderated by Mr. Nosakhare Uwadiae Esq., a luminary in intellectual property, and the founder of IP Radio. His guidance ensured the smooth flow of thought-provoking conversations throughout the session.

The star-studded panel of speakers included Dr. Tochukwu Ukasonwa, Director of Strategy at AVICLEVA Consulting, and the esteemed fashion and design maven, Anita Quansah, CEO of Anita Quansah London. Their contributions were nothing short of enlightening, offering fresh perspectives on the intersection of culture, fashion, and social media.

The core theme of the webinar, exploring the pivotal role of social media in preserving and revitalizing cultural identities, resonated with the audience. Discussions centered on how fashion, deeply rooted in culture, can serve as a platform for cultural expression and understanding. Anita Quansah’s insights, drawn from her extensive experience in the fashion and design industry, illuminated the path forward.

Dr. Tochukwu Ukasonwa, a luminary in strategy and consulting, provided invaluable insights into leveraging social media’s potential for business success in the 21st century.


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