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UK To Use Oligarchs Houses for Refugees

by Nuel Emuebie
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The clear orientation of world politics depicts a cordial relationship between nations to facilitate growth and development in economic, social and other sensitive areas of the system. To harness the best potentials across the globe , there is need for increased collaboration between nations , as such unity , advances the ability for nations to share technology and other technical skills needed for the general growth rate in countries . 

The current unrest in Ukraine after the invasion from Russia has met different reactions from world leaders. A very active move made by other countries was to sanction the Oligarchs of Russia and seize their properties as well. They believe that the close allies of Putin , should have played a Kore positive role to avoid the war from happening .

The UK government, Boris Johnson , through this spokesman asserted that they are looking at the possibility of turning the houses sieved from the Oligarhs , into homes to house the refugees from the war. 

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