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If Not For My Mom, I’ll Be Dead

by Austin Areh
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The changes in every society should be studied and examined , in other the trace the cause and therefore extinguish any negative flames that have been generated by a cluster of imbalanced processes of decision making. To achieve clarity , the society must reflect on the former choices that has glorified the end ; justifying the means. Now, people should be more conscious on the sources of growth , and show the stages of growth, so the upcoming generation can have a clear cut dimension of the strategies to achieve success .

A Nigerian man, with the name Hallmark Chibuzor Paul, on a Facebook post asserted that he was poisoned by a very close friend , which caused him a major tummy upset , until he informed his mom. He claims that his Flowe associate poisoned a drink he had on Sunday 13th, March , 2022. 

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