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I’m Right for Nigeria, Saraki Claims

by Austin Areh
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Governance is about people and a clear representation of people’s interest for a future they can depend on and build from. The changes that exist in every society is a clear reflection of the policies that are implemented by the government in place at that time. This fact makes each political process a very sensitive one because that chance won’t present itself until after another four years , i.e , when another election comes up.

The former senate president, who is a PDP member in a recent interview on channels tv said he believes he has what it takes to become the president of Nigeria. This also supports the knowledge that in some comers of cities in Nigeria, you can find the posters of Former senate president, Bukola Saraki. However, he has not formally declared for the position of president as he says he is still doing his consultations with very influential political figures across the country. He also talked about the issue of zoning in the party, he suggested that people who are qualified for the job should be given the role instead of a political structure. 

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