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Preserving Abuja’s Heritage: Advocacy, Dialogue, And Reflection

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Abuja natives urge policymakers to support cultural heritage preservation.

During a book launch in Abuja on Sunday, they advocated for it.

They insisted the platform would facilitate discussions on Abuja’s history, cultural heritage, and pressing issues.

It’s seen as a catalyst for meaningful dialogue, self-examination, and positive action in their collective journey toward progress and prosperity.

They stressed forums would promote values such as hard work, patience, honesty, and integrity, without political or religious bias.

Richard Daudu highlighted indigenous struggles despite capital progress.

Daudu emphasised the need for the indigenous people to be encouraged to tell their stories to prevent distortion of their history and legacies.

He described the book launch as one of the ways the people could tell their stories.

He said the book goes beyond Dawudu’s life story to show humanity’s enduring spirit and perseverance.

“The biography paints a vivid picture of the environment and culture in which Dawudu and his contemporaries thrived, despite the challenges they faced.

“Today’s gathering is more than a book presentation; it’s a celebration of heritage, a call to action, and a testament to storytelling’s significance.”

“As we navigate through the pages of Yunana Dawudu’s life, let us not only celebrate his legacy, but also reflect on our own journeys,” he said.

He hoped the event would inspire older generations to share their stories of their environment and limited opportunities.

He added that it would also incite the younger ones to recognise the current opportunities in terms of education, business and other areas of life and harness them.

Minister Zaphaniah Jisalo stressed the importance of preserving and showcasing indigenous cultural heritage during his book presentation.

Jisalo, however, expressed optimism that the President Bola Tinubu-led administration would give the people the needed “air to breathe”, as evident with his appointment as a member of Tinubu’s cabinet.

He urged his people to push for more legislative seats for better representation.

Sen. Aduda hailed the biography as a valuable guide for young people to learn from past experiences.

Candido mentioned that Dawudu encouraged unity in diverse Abuja, highlighting its role as the new Nigeria.

Candido mentioned that Dawudu encouraged unity in diverse Abuja, highlighting its role as the new Nigeria.

He noted the celebrant’s role in leading the FCT Administration and advocating for indigenous FCT residents.

Octogenarian Mr. Dawudu lauded his co-authored biography as essential for social science students and historians.

He stated the 168-page biography detailed his rural upbringing, Abuja’s transformation into a capital, and its impact on his community.

He urged young people to read and learn from his experience.

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