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Mallam Olawale Rasheed’s Legal Battle Against Political Persecution in Osun State

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Mallam Olawale Rasheed, the Spokesperson to Governor Ademola Adeleke of Osun State, has taken legal action by approaching the Federal High Court in Osogbo to seek protection and enforcement of his fundamental human rights against various parties, including the State Security Service (SSS), the Director General of SSS, the Osun State Director of SSS, and a son of a former governor.

In a suit filed under docket number FHC/OS/CS/89/2024, Olawale seeks to prevent security operatives from interfering with his rights, including liberty, freedom of movement, expression, and association. He alleges that these actions stem from the instigation of a politician’s son who is purportedly acting on behalf of certain undisclosed and mischievous politicians aiming to settle political scores.

Olawale contends that he poses no threat to the peace and security of Nigeria, and therefore, should not be subject to unwarranted invitations or arrests by security agencies. He asserts that these alleged maneuvers by the opposition APC are in collusion with the incumbent governor’s administration, aimed at stifling his freedoms and rights without just cause.

By invoking Section 46 of the 1999 Constitution of Nigeria, Olawale emphasizes his right to seek legal redress preemptively, without waiting for actual violations of his rights. He accuses the Osun State government, led by Governor Oyetola, of orchestrating these actions in tandem with the opposition APC to suppress dissent and discredit Governor Adeleke’s administration.

Furthermore, Olawale highlights how the media machinery of the APC has already begun circulating news of his purported invitation or arrest by the SSS, indicating a preconceived bias against him. He argues that such actions are malicious and motivated by a desire to undermine Governor Adeleke’s team and settle political vendettas.

In light of these circumstances, Olawale implores the court to grant him relief and prevent the defendants from infringing upon his rights unjustly. Additionally, he has dispatched his legal team to represent him at the DSS Headquarters, exercising his rights as a Nigerian citizen to defend himself against perceived injustices.

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