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SSANU and NASU Threaten Strike Over Unmet Demands

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Ibrahim reports that SSANU and NASU have issued a warning to the government. In response to the government’s failure to meet their demands, they are threatening to suspend operations in the nation’s higher institutions.

In a recent interview with ChannelsTV, SSANU’s president, Mohammed Ibrahim, expressed his concerns. He stated that he has given the government a seven-day ultimatum. If the government does not meet their demands, they could shut down universities nationwide.

Further elaborating, Ibrahim stated that should the government fail to respond before the expiration of the ultimatum, both unions are poised to initiate a strike. He emphasized the critical roles they play in the universities, including security, administration, medical services, hostel management, and electricity supply. He warned that without their services, no university in Nigeria could function.

Ibrahim expressed regret over the situation. Ibrahim said union members don’t want to strike, but feel compelled when cornered.  He painted a grim picture of the current state of the country, with a struggling economy and widespread suffering. Ibrahim underscored the hardships of members commuting from remote universities, struggling with fuel access, food scarcity, and healthcare.

Discussing the union’s grievances, Ibrahim expressed frustration.  Ibrahim stressed that they are professionals who keep the administrative engine of every university running. He criticized the system for treating a segment of staff with disdain.

Ibrahim recalled the strikes of 2022, when all university-based unions, including NASU and SSANU, went on strike. Following the intervention of the then Minister of Education, Mal Adamu Adamu, they called off the strike that started on March 27th on August 27th. They signed an agreement with the government to review the situation and ensure justice.

According to Ibrahim, the final part of the agreement stated that they should not penalize anyone for participating in the strike and they should not withhold salaries. However, he disclosed that in May, the government had halted the salaries of all non-teaching staff. Interestingly, it was not until September of the same year that these salaries were reinstated. He lamented that the current government decided to pay the withheld salaries of only ASUU members, leaving NASU and SSANU members in the lurch.

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