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Federal Government Finalizes Agreement with Tech Company Based in the US for Cloud Migration Launch.

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In a significant development, Afri-Tech United, a formidable tech consulting powerhouse based in the United States, has finalized a major agreement with the Federal Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation (FMSTI) to implement a monumental cloud migration initiative in Nigeria. Jacob Uwah revealed a partnership to create a Master Cloud Platform, aiming to advance Nigeria’s cyber capabilities globally.

Months of deliberations between Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Uche Nnaji, and the Afri-Tech United team have culminated in the formulation of the framework for the Master Cloud Platform. Uwah stressed the power of collaboration in this endeavor, underscoring its role in paving way for cyber excellence.

Expressing palpable enthusiasm, Minister Nnaji articulated the initiative’s objectives to modernize infrastructure, optimize both public and private sectors, and invigorate traditional revenue-generating ventures through strategic partnerships. Afri-Tech’s partnership is centered on President Tinubu’s goal to generate two million annual tech jobs. Vice President Kashim Shettima highlighted efforts to tackle youth unemployment and create opportunities amid global challenges.

Chief Nnaji further emphasized that the Master Cloud Platform lays the groundwork for Afri-Tech United’s forthcoming Innovation Center development. This vision transcends Nigeria’s existing technology centers, aiming to leverage hyper-scaler partnerships to grant Nigerian engineers unprecedented access to cutting-edge technologies such as machine learning, artificial intelligence, and robotics.

“We’re investing not just in technology, but in Nigeria’s future,” Chief Nnaji remarked. “As a nation, we stand prepared to establish the global standard, demonstrating that Nigeria leads the cyber renaissance, rather than merely participating in it.”

Headquartered in Seattle, WA, Afri-Tech United spearheads African innovation and advancement with a vision of unity and empowerment. As a dynamic consulting firm with extensive partnerships across the continent, its core mission is to unite and empower local communities by providing access to resources capable of driving transformative change.

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