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Adeleke Has Given The Green Light to Osun’s New Logo, Heralding a Renaissance in The State’s Identity.

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Governor Ademola Adeleke has endorsed a bill adopting a new logo for Osun State, signaling a new beginning. The governor stressed the emblem’s importance, noting its alignment with the state’s historic anthem, values, and traditions.

In his statement, Governor Adeleke emphasized the logo’s role as an educational resource, representing the state’s heritage and strengths. Moreover, he stressed the logo’s role as a powerful marketing tool, domestically and internationally, accentuating the state’s unique identity.

“It is my honor and privilege to unveil the new logo as the embodiment of our state. Mr. Adeleke remarked that this announcement signals a new era of prosperity, abundance, and sustainability for both residents and admirers.

Speaker Adewale Egbedun commended the logo’s significance and portrayal of the state’s people, heritage, and potential, offering congratulations. He pledged continued support from the State Assembly for such commendable initiatives by the executive arm of government.

According to the statement, the new law outlines specific details of the new logo, including state symbols/icons. The circle, replacing the shield, symbolizes perfection and wholeness. The letter “Y” shows Osun’s unity, merging seamlessly within the circle through water, earth, and mountains.

The Osun River, linked to a waterfall, embodies the state’s nickname, ‘State of the Living Spring,’ providing vital nourishment. The brown soil symbolizes fertility, and the mountains embody tourism, hospitality, and spirituality, deriving strength from their symbolism.

The Ori Olokun, symbolizing the Yoruba race’s common origin, holds significant importance for Osun State, especially regarding royalty. The rays of light represent clarity, enlightenment, and hope, as depicted in the state anthem, illuminating progress and success.

Moreover, the logo features elements like cocoa, leaves, fruits, and trees, symbolizing agriculture and the state’s plentiful resources. Gold, fishes, and leaves in the form of a garland signify wealth, livelihood, and longevity, respectively.

Color symbolism includes gold for royalty, ruby red for nobility, orange for hospitality, and yellow for joy in Osun State. These elements collectively embody the essence and spirit of Osun State, encapsulating its rich heritage and promising future.

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