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Ali Baba Advocates Education To Combat Sexual Harassment

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Ali Baba stresses that education is key in countering burning issues.

Nigerian comedian Ali Baba has emphasised the need for education in preventing issues like sexual harassment and murder.

On Classic FM’s “The Discourse With Ken,” Ali Baba emphasized educating children, especially those under 10.

He said, “If I could change one thing worldwide, I’d provide formal education to ages 0-10.”

The comic emphasized that early education leads to better understanding of boundaries and other important issues as children grow.

“It is so critical and it is the failure to do that that makes people not know the value of life, or the essence of humanity and not know that you have to respect each other’s space, values and boundaries. All that can be achieved through education,” he said.

Ali Baba then recalled an incident in which he witnessed a man sexually harassing a woman.

“There was a time I asked a man ‘Why are you touching the lady? She is not responding to you and you’re dragging her and then he said That’s how women behave.’ Shey you see. If you’re educated enough, you’d know that that is sexual harassment, you would know that such an act can escort you into some jail time,” he narrated.

He continued, “The other thing is when you say certain things like ‘no is no’ to certain people, because they aren’t educated, they would argue with you. Some would say ‘Some women ehn when they say no, they mean yes’. So when you get jail term now, you’d know.”

He stressed education’s role in preventing senseless murders, saying that understanding human life’s value leads to better choices.

“I said we were going to talk about burning issues in the national space. For instance, men wouldn’t kill soldiers if they understand that killing any human is wrong. If you are educated enough you would know that dialogue and justice are the best way to get anything you want,” he concluded.

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