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Beverly Naya’s Struggle: Cyberbullying And Depression

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She confessed that the negativity drove her to a state of depression.

In a chat with media personality Chude Jideonwo, Naya revealed how negativity in her career impacted her mental health and made her feel singled out.

She mentioned, “One blog constantly targeted me with negativity, criticizing everything I did, which felt like a personal attack.”

The actress stressed that the consistent attacks made her consider quitting. “I felt attacked again, wondering why I always got singled out.” It damaged my self-esteem, made me doubt myself, and made me want to leave the industry.”

With tears in her eyes, she emotionally recalled a specific post that had been made about her, a memory etched deeply in her mind.

Narrating how the words broke her down she said, “There was a particular post that I can never forget, they said ‘Nollywood can we stop trying to make Beverly Naya happen.’ When I saw it, I was crushed and I cried my eyes out because of that. I was angry because I felt like I worked hard. During that time, I wasn’t perfect, and I’m still not perfect, but I was willing and pushing myself. I truly felt like I did my best, yet I was trashed, singled out, and made to feel irrelevant. I experienced borderline depression during that period.

Beverly Naya has appeared in notable Nollywood movies like Forgetting June, The Wedding Party, When Love Happens, and Across the Rising Sun, amongst many others. She also won an AMVCA for Best Documentary for her film, Skin.

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