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Here’s Why You Haven’t Gotten A Job Promotion Yet

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In a time when the competition in the Labour Market and Corporate Space is increasing, you might be wondering why your hardwork has not yielded a job promotion. You deliver on your KPIs, work extra time and take new courses every month and yet, you are stuck! You might have seen some of your colleagues climb up the ladder of your profession with seemingly little effort compared to yours.

The bitter truth is this; when it comes to a work space, you do not have to “crumble walls” before you get noticed for a promotion. However, promotions are earned, you have to do more than the ordinary. Here is where you have been getting it wrong, you do not understand what it means to do more than the ordinary. To get noticed for a promotion, you have to create an aura of proficiency.

So how do you show that you are capable? Your capability is not in how many numbers of projects you have executed, it is not in how many gigs you have clicked. Let’s show you what it means to be capable. Your capability is in how much you have branded yourself. Don’t get this twisted; personal branding is not the same as packaging.

Personal Branding involves you assigning a unique identity to yourself; this is to differentiate you from other workers. It is simple; there must be something that makes you noted for a promotion. Packaging on the other side is trying to give an impression of capabilities you do not have. So how do you brand yourself?

A major way to brand yourself is by setting your career goals. Stop doing a lot without a picture! You keep moving in circles because you do not have a destination even in your career journey. Set goals and this will help you be on track, you will not have to invest your time in things that do not matter to your career.

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You must also be a good team player. Check this; if you were to be a director, would you consider someone who is not a good team player for promotion? How much such a person does will not matter, the question is how well will he/she handle a team. This is a very important part of branding yourself that you must not take for granted. Learn to work with people.

You also need a mentor; according to Bob Proctor, “A mentor is someone who sees more talent and ability within you, than you see in yourself, and helps bring it out of you.” In branding yourself, you need a person who has gone ahead of you in your career journey. Your mentor will help you see the uniqueness you need and also nurture it. This will help you while creating this “unique identity” for yourself.

Lastly, be confident as you progress and ensure you do not carry an atmosphere of negativism. Bet you will only be able to do little with a negative spirit. Not just that, no boss will be okay with handling a bigger position to you when you have only exuded pessimism.

Get into implementing these as you brand yourself and you can start preparing for a bigger position!

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