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Rainy Season: Seven Things A Worker Should Have

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Rainy season

The rainy season is here and it has been taking its toll on workers to an extent. The experience of being beaten by the rain and also getting your clothes or other belongings ruined is even more annoying. Not to worry, here are some things you should get in order to cut down the toll the weather takes on you. 

JACKET: As a worker, you should have a good number of jackets. Why exactly do you need jackets? You do not want to get to work and have on wet clothes, you also would not want to be inactive because you are catching cold, hence you need a jacket. A jacket protects you and your clothes, they keep you warm. You also do not want your best clothes ruined because of the weather, that is how much a jacket can do.

jacket for rainy season

WATERPROOF PHONE CASE: Can you imagine how moody you can get after having your phone destroyed because you had to hurriedly pick a call while the rain is flexing? How annoying will it be that you have your phone soaked while trying to get a ride home, better still trying to find your way home using the map? You do not need to get to that point, a waterproof phone case will save you from that. 

phone case for rainy season

THERMOS FLASK: A thermos flask will keep you warm while you shuttle to work and back home, it will also keep you warm while at work. You also do not want to deal with infections from contaminated liquids, your thermos flask will keep your food from being contaminated.

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Flask for rainy season

WATERPROOF SHOES: You can save yourself from getting to work and your footwear pulls off, you can also help your precious feet from getting blisters as a result of wet shoes. Waterproof shoes keep your feet dry and comfortable, away from irritations. 

waterproof shoes for rainy season


FIRST AID KIT: You can get a very small first aid kit that will fit in your bag. You need a sanitizer in that kit; the rainy season is known to be a time one is at risk of getting flu, using an alcohol based sanitizer will help. Paracetamol; this is needed because you can get fever anytime, using paracetamol will help relieve you before getting further physician prescriptions.

first aid kit for rainy season

A WARM PLAYLIST: You know how bad the traffic gets at the lightest rain, this means more hours shuttling from home to work and vice versa. Get the best of the seemingly uncomfortable time by listening to your rainy day playlist. You could also listen to your best podcasts.

warm music for rainy season






UMBRELLA/RAINCOATS: An Umbrella is a vital item needed in your bag during the rainy season. It is advisable to get the small foldable one which can fit right into your back.

Rain coats for rainy season



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