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10 Cultural Experiences You Should Have In Your Lifetime

by InlandTown Editor
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Cultural Experiences

By Itty Okopide

Our lives revolve around culture or rather, culture is a way of life, and so should cultural experiences. However, what makes us different is when we deliberately decide to engage in a list of cultural experiences. Let’s get to them.

  1. Learn a New Language: I am screaming “learn a new language.” Aside from learning a new language being especially important to our personal development, this is a cultural experience I feel no one should miss. The joy of communicating with people in an entirely different language from yours is unexplainable.  
  2. Visit a Local Museum: Every country, city, state, or municipality has a story that makes them different. These stories are, most of the time, preserved at the museum. Try visiting a local museum to learn something new if you find yourself in a different city.  
  3. Attend a Traditional Marriage Ceremony: Gone are the days of white wedding ceremonies that take place in the church followed by a lavish reception with exotic food and drinks. Today, Africans can boast of a culture they are proud of.  
  4. Visit a New Continent: There are seven continents in the world. Paying a visit to a different continent from ours will always be a cultural experience of a lifetime. We can learn a lot outside of our continent.  
  5. Make a Tapestry: You would feel great knowing that you have acquired a unique cultural skill. A tapestry is a form of textile art, traditionally woven by hand. This is a cultural experience that will not just make you proud, but you can boast of acquiring a new skill.  

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  1. Paint Something: These days with a lot of sip and paint classes available, it is reasonable to attend some of them, only this time, opt to paint something with a cultural depiction. It is art, you will always be excited seeing it around. To take part in painting something unique, click here 
  2. Visit A Wonder of the World: For it is only when we visit a wonder of the world that we can truly see and admire what human beings are capable of. That on its own is a cultural experience.
  3. Learn to Make a Local Delicacy: This would be a fun experience because cooking never stops. You can learn something easy to make that allows you to serve your guests when they visit.
  4. Attend A Stage Performance: Any live stage performance that interprets a historical story  is worth attending.
  5. Learn About A Different Religion: This must be the height for you because it is difficult to take people away from their religion or convince them to learn about another religion. The interesting thing about learning about another religion is that it lets you understand the beliefs and the ultimate being they reverence.


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