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Lagos Maneuvers Challenges And Policy Shifts Amid Computer Village Relocation

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Lagos State moving Computer Village to Abule Egba, named Katangua ICT Business Park, plan from 2017 nearing reality.

Olajide Babatunde, the Special Adviser to the Governor on eGIS and Urban Development, revealed the progress during a recent inspection and enforcement operation.

He said the government’s actions regarding the Katangua market will appear shortly.

Nigerian Tribune reports Babatunde’s statement that the relocation aims to address environmental issues, housing shortage, and traffic. He mentions the new Computer Village will include childcare, education, recreation, storage, lodging, and hotel facilities.

Traders worried about revenue impact due to Computer Village relocation.

The Punch reports quoted the Managing Partner of Bodds IT Solutions, Emmanuel Osho, saying that a lot of traders were not happy.

He noted: “Moving the market means we would be farther from central Lagos, meaning a lot of people would have to spend a lot of time to get to their workplaces. Also, people would have to think twice before they plan to come to do business with us.” Another trader said that Bolaji Amos also expressed concerns about the potential loss of customers due to the relocation. He noted that most customers come from the Island, and connecting to Katangua from the Island is not easy. Amos added: “The sale of goods would decline drastically, and people would lose their jobs.”

Lagos bans plastic takeaway use, led by Governor Sanwo-Olu’s prohibition.

Commissioner Tokunbo Wahab announces immediate ban on behalf of government.

Government cites concerns over non-biodegradable Styrofoam’s environmental threat.

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