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Insights into Stella Damasus’ Newest Film: ‘The Scar'”

by InlandTown Editor
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It has been two years since we saw her last on our screens.

Damasus, playing the woman in the film, narrates the story of how forceful genital mutilation, done to her many years ago, troubles her marriage.. Now she must overcome the past and at the same time fight to save her family.

Produced by US-based Nigerian filmmaker Ella Emefiele, this romance drama aims to educate about the effects and solutions to female genital mutilation.

Directed by Robert Peters, the movie features other actors like Joseph BenjaminMercy MacjoeCollins John Emefiele and Ella Emefiele.

“The Scar” premieres in Nigerian cinemas on October 6, 2023, followed by a later release in the United States.

In an exclusive with Shock Ng, Ella shares the why behind her pursuit and production of this movie. She explained, “During my practice in Nigeria, I came across different women, most of them circumcised. I used to own a medical centre. Most of the women opened up to me about the challenges they faced because of Female Genital Mutilation (FGM)”.

She shared a dear one’s ordeal with the terrible procedure.. “So when I got to the state, I discovered that there was a procedure called clitoroplasty (FGM reconstruction). After the procedure, a circumcised clitoris can then grow back, enabling the victim to have their groove back. Then I reached out to my friend and got her permission to put her story out”, she shared.

“Mark ‘The Scar’ on your October calendar—it addresses pressing women’s issues in Nigeria.”

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