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‘Vodun Days’ Elevates Ouidah As A City-Museum Of Global Significance

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In a grand spectacle, Benin introduced the pioneering ‘Vodun Days,’ a revolutionary celebration blending arts, culture, and the essence of Vodun spirituality. Departing from its traditional observance on January 10th, the festival now embraces a new identity, unfolding on January 9 and 10, 2024, within the historic city of Ouidah.

Beyond its cultural significance, the event catalyzes the growth of culture and tourism. Jean-Michel Abimbola, Benin’s Minister of Tourism, Culture, and Arts, emphasized the transformative impact of ‘Vodun Days,’ declaring, “By instituting ‘Vodun Days,’ the tourism, culture, and arts sectors have evolved into a formidable force, emerging as a pivotal pillar in fortifying the creative economy and fostering employment opportunities.”

The festivities brilliantly showcased Benin’s rich heritage, set against the backdrop of Ouidah’s iconic landmarks, including the poignant ‘Door of No Return’ and the bustling city centre. This strategic move underscores Benin’s dedication to unravelling and disseminating the profound interconnection between arts, culture, and Vodun spirituality globally.

At the core of this cultural renaissance lie ambitious endeavours, including the construction of an International Vodun Museum, the establishment of the Vodun Convents Route, and the inception of ‘Vodun Days.’ Benin’s emphasis on its cultural and spiritual legacy aims to position the nation as the cradle of Vodun.

The two-day extravaganza featured an extraordinary cultural and spiritual program, encompassing captivating performances at Vodun squares and convents, a lively Vodun Days Village showcasing crafts and food stands, an artistic stage hosting evening concerts on the beach, and a ceremonial event on January 10 attended by esteemed dignitaries.

From the rhythmic Vodun Hounve dances to the enchanting appearances of Zangbetos and Egungun, the festivities paid homage to deities like Yaoïtcha and Vodun Mami Dan. The culmination occurred with open-air concerts on the seashore, featuring both international and local talents.

Formerly recognized as the Vodun Festival, ‘Vodun Days’ is poised to evolve into an annual international spectacle, spotlighting the arts, culture, and Vodun spirituality. This transformation solidifies Ouidah, the City Museum, as an unparalleled destination for a profound cultural and spiritual experience.

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