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The 21st Century Divorce Trend

by Austin Areh
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If you are very vast in the digital space then you would  be familiar with the word’’ Divorce’’, because it is a norm in the society.

In the beginning, Marriage was a thing of joy and commitment, it was for better or worse and not a trend everyone jumped into, spending the rest of your life with your spouse was considered an honour, in the olden days married men and women were more respected compared to single people. The question is WHAT CHANGED?

Then, when a guy asked your hand in marriage,it was the real him, there was no social media to portray him as the night in shining armor masking the beast inside,no overly high expectations and no pressure to show off the cars,houses and wealth, I am sure you have watched countless movies on how men masked themselves to be poor just to find the right woman.The struggle was real!!!

Men were also known to provide for their family, they took pride in being the sole providers but now most men are lazy and when they are fortunate to be married to a career -focused  woman, they leave all the work for her to do.

Women also have their faults in the divorce pandemonium, raising a daughter is important as a woman is the neck of every home and the neck in a way controls the head. The females in this generation  are more interested in slaying and looking like queens than actually being queens, most of them pursue material things without any real direction in life and later marry to become liabilities to their husbands.

With the rise of feminism in Nigeria, most women are power seeking females who claim authority and refuse to play the role of submitting to their better-half constantly turning their homes into wrestling matches. Women lack motherly  instincts as they neglect their children and focus more on living la vida loca .Lets just say in this generation, we have too many women and few wives.

At the end of the day, we can only pray that somehow the imbalance caused by divorce would not affect our future as divorces have left broken homes with unmonitored children and angry spouses, it is a constant cycle of hurt, pain and resentment caused by grown individuals that refuse to understand commitment, sacrifice and the separate roles they play. We should all know that Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus but marriage can only work when divorce refuses to be an option.

P.s – The issue of violence in marriage should be handled with care.

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