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Meet Ogbonna Mark Okoro: Publisher Of The First Physics Textbook In Igbo Language

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Ogbonna Mark Okoro

Ogbonna Mark Okoro is a proud Nigerian from Ebonyi State who has recently made news headlines for publishing the first-ever physics textbook entirely in the Igbo language, a remarkable milestone in preserving our rich Igbo heritage.

The book “FIZIKSI: Ihe Omụmụ Mbaraigwe Na Uwa N’uzo Di Mfe,” is an avenue for a comprehensive understanding of physics for everyone, regardless of their educational background.

According to Ogbonna , the book was inspired by the desire to safeguard the Igbo language from the threat of extinction. Over the years, he witnessed the challenges facing Igbo culture and language, fueling his determination to make a difference. With unwavering resolve, he embarked on translating complex scientific concepts into Igbo, starting with physics.

Ogbonna believes that embracing the mother tongue in education is crucial for preserving identity and empowering future generations.

Hence, the release of Ogbonna’s Igbo physics textbook marks a significant step towards promoting mother-tongue-based education in Nigeria. It joins a growing movement among Igbo scholars to translate scientific knowledge into local languages, fostering a deeper connection to our cultural roots.

Ogbonna has long been at the forefront of language advocacy. His collection includes a diverse array of literature books and novels all written in the Igbo language which are highly sought after in secondary schools and universities nationwide. With over 25 published books and a total of 58 manuscripts, both published and unpublished, his contributions to Igbo literature are substantial to the Igbo Language.

Ogbonna earned a Bachelor of Arts degree in Linguistics and Igbo Studies from the University of Nigeria, Nsukka. Following this, he underwent specialized training in Film subtitles and Translation at both Newcastle University and the University of the West of Scotland, UK.

The prolific writer made history as the first BBC Igbo translator and has provided translation services for various national and international organizations, including UNESCO, the National Bureau of Statistics, the World Bank, and the United Nations. Additionally, he served as a Linguistics Validation Consultant for the Igbo language at Mapi Languages Agency in France and contributed his expertise to projects at Appen in Australia.

He made huge contributions to educational documentary films in the Soli and Nyanja languages of Zambia, translating them into English and Igbo while synchronizing subtitles. He has also played significant roles in several movies as a subtitler, sign language interpreter, and Igbo language coach for actors.

With the Physics Text Book, Ogbonna has succeeded in fulfilling and promoting the importance of translating books of major subjects such as Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Geography, and other subjects to the Igbo language.

Since the Bible was translated into the Igbo language by Archdeacon Thomas J. Dennis between 1913 and 1917, Ogbonna Mark Okoro’s Physics textbook, “FIZIKSI: Ihe Omụmụ Mbaraigwe Na Uwa N’uzo Di Mfe” is the first major book to ever be translated for the development and promotion of the Igbo language and culture.

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