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Federal Government Transformative Mass Metering Initiative

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The Federal Government’s mass metering of Nigerian army formations signals a crucial step in eliminating estimated power billings. Minister of Power, Adebayo Adelabu, unveiled this initiative at the metering exercise launch in Ikeja military cantonment. Adelabu emphasized phased implementation, starting with Ikeja cantonment and followed by others.

In the current phase, the government allocated N12.7 billion out of N40 billion for the mass metering project. Adelabu stressed that metering army formations aims to monitor energy usage accurately, ensuring correct billing and efficient collections. He emphasized the goal of eliminating estimated billing, paving the way for transparent and efficient electricity billing practices.

The minister highlighted the initiative’s alignment with President Bola Tinubu’s agenda to ensure constant electricity supply to army formations. Adelabu assured that the government has designed the smart meters being deployed to be tamper-proof, effectively deterring energy theft. Moreover, these meters feature an app, allowing customers to easily access monthly consumption statements.

Additionally, Adelabu disclosed that the meters enable seamless connection between grid and off-grid solar systems, providing sustainable energy. As part of the country’s energy blueprint, the government will make efforts to establish off-grid power sources, particularly solar energy, for military barracks located in remote areas lacking grid access. The minister affirmed the commitment to prioritize electricity supply to the barracks, ensuring uninterrupted power provision.

Furthermore, Ashade Olatunbosun, the Chief Executive Officer of De Haryor Global Services overseeing the metering project, revealed plans for the second phase to commence simultaneously in Abuja and Enugu. Olatunbosun highlighted that military formations across the 11 Distribution Companies (DisCos) will benefit from this exercise, including those in Jos, Ibadan, Kaduna, and Eko distribution areas.

In expressing appreciation for the initiative, Major General A.M Adetuyi, the Commander of the brigade headquarters, emphasized the timely nature of the Federal Government’s metering initiative. Moreover, Adetuyi acknowledged the challenges encountered by the brigade, citing erratic power supply and estimated billing practices. He welcomed the metering project, acknowledging its potential to alleviate these issues and ensure reliable electricity supply to the barracks.

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