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Sultan Says Kaduna Strike Has Created Tension and Distraction

by InlandTown Editor
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Following the recent 3-days warning strike staged by the Nigerian Labour Congress, over the sack of over 7,000 workers of the state by the government, the Sultan of Sokoto has called for the swift resolution of the dispute between the union and the Kaduna State Government before it degenerates as such has created tension and distraction to the citizens of the state.

In a statement issued by the Director of Administration, NSCIA, Zubairu Usman-Ugwu, yesterday. The Sultan said The council is concerned that if the issue is not swiftly resolved with tact and wisdom by all sides, it might not only compound the suffering of the already traumatized citizens of Kaduna but may also even spin out of control and snowball into unforeseen national tragedy of immense proportion with unpleasant consequences across the state and beyond.”

He noted that negotiation is the best approach for the resolution of such an avoidable crisis and called on the leadership of both parties to embrace negotiation as the situation has created tension and distraction for both parties their goals. “ He, therefore, appealed to “all parties, especially the Kaduna State Government and the leadership of the Nigerian Labour Congress (NLC), to exercise restraint and embrace negotiation as the best approach for resolving this avoidable crisis that has created tension and distraction for both parties from the lofty goals being pursued the benefit of the citizens.” He further added that “The recourse to the roundtable with sincerity and patriotism will bring about a win-win solution for all the critical stakeholders to the relief of the general public whom both parties love to serve.”




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