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Solid Minerals In Nigeria Attracting Terrorists, Ayade Claims

by Austin Areh
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As much as we understand that political parties exist, which run on their own ideologies, systems and financial structures, we need to remind ourselves firstly about what entity we belong to. It is known that firstly we are Nigerians, and as Nigerians we protect and guide ourselves as brothers. As Nigerians, we stand in unity even with our differences and try to share our humane sides with each other.

The Governor of Cross River State, Ben Ayade has sighted that the mineral deposits that are in Nigeria , is basically what’s attracting Terrorists to the country .

In an interview on the 28th of April, 2022, The Governor was quoted to make this statement .

“Security has a very huge international dimensions.

“Nigeria has so many essential elements and metals of economic interests. So, the solid minerals deposit has become a source of challenge to the nation.

“Nigeria has a large deposit of tantalite, they have led, they have zink, they have gold, uranium, the deposits are so huge. Most times in Africa when you have such a deposit, it’s just an invitation for crisis because they [foreign actors] will keep you unsettled so that they can do the exploration.

“The collapse of Afghanistan means that ISWAP sees West Africa as their own God-given province.

“So, they have the policy to occupy West Africa and with the collapse of Afghanistan, they now have access to power, they have a sovereign nation called their own, they deal on drugs, sell those drugs to raise funds, buy arms and prosecute a huge war.”

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