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Polytechnic in Ekiti State Bans Cars , Dreadlocks and More

by Austin Areh
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While there is a rise of awareness in terms of the general perception of people and how they look in the society, it is pertinent for intentional steps to be taken , to address the level of repulsive looks from the growing youth in Nigeria. While it is known that you must dress the way you want to be addressed, institutions have began to take proactive steps in checking such levels of indecent dressings and looks .

It has been reported that the  Federal Polytechnic, Ado-Ekiti, Ekiti State has directed  that any student who brings a vehicle into the school premises will be suspended and further more , the vehicle will be impounded by the school authorities. They also addressed the issue of indecent dressing amongst undergraduates in the school. An official memo has been released to that effect.

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