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Failure in Intelligence Gathering aiding Kidnapping , Dr Ramatu Aliyu Alleges

by Austin Areh
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In my Opinion , politicians are supposed to understand the role of respect of life,  and properties through out that political process, if during campaigns you admonish people to come out and vote, then during the elections they are abused by thugs or in some cases security agents, then the momentum built in those rallies is wasted. To gain followership, you must be an example to the society via words and actions. This means that you can’t preach one thing and go the other way carrying out another.

Integrity is a key word in building a political legacy because people will finish the bags of rice, or whatever has come in during the campaign,  but if the politician can keep those words promised at the campaign ground, then it becomes a legacy. Any politician that can build a legacy has been able to achieve a larger than life status. But for some reason, the nature of political offices changes the attitude of these politicians when they get into office.

Recent reports reaching us states that  Dr Ramatu Tijjani Aliyu, who is the Minister of state for FCT has connected the  the recent attacks in some areas in the country’s capital is as a result of intelligence gathering failure which is the basis for any moves in line with protecting individuals in the society.

In her words , she said “ In view of recent reports from area councils like Gwagwalada, Kwali and Bwari, there is every reason for us to come back, re-strategise and ask what is happening, where we are failing and where we need to strengthen. We need to do an analysis of where our strength lies and where we need to fortify.

“In our expanded FCT security meetings, we have all adequate committees in place, and we have sub-committees that are overseeing the affairs of security and intelligence gathering in the federal capital.

 “Despite all these, we are still having reports of people invading communities and our peace, especially in the satellite towns where the terrains are difficult.

“Therefore, the royal fathers who are the custodians of the people should come up with new strategies that will put an end to this menace.” 

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