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Kaduna State Government Declares Curfew in Two Local Government Areas Over Brutal Attacks

by Austin Areh
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The beginning of tasks initially look scary in some cases but overtime we become accustomed to the requirements needed to implement set out tasks in axhieveing a goal. One the images start to add up, the steps to take become more vivid and it feels like one has a manual through life.

Aligning with the message is passing at different moments is very delicate as it configures majority of life’s occurrences and experience. Man can continue to experiment his thoughts and desires but it is very coerce if it goes against things set out by nature to occur.

While it seems that the task of ensuring the Nigerian state is safe and economically balanced for growth and productivity, we must highlight certain aspects that are being worked on and also look at ways to make it better. We need to be aware that security is the responsibility of everybody , as in many cases , the number of people committing these crimes outnumber the number of security agents who are positioned to maintain law and order. In some communities across Nigeria, there are collaborative efforts between the civil societies and security agencies to create more formidable alignments to check on the increase of Banditry and criminality.

There is a disturbing report about the death of 25 residents , destruction of churches and houses by unknown gun men who attacked Kagoro in Kaura Local Government Area, Kaduna State.  In attending to this swiftly , the government of Kaduna State has declared a curfew in two local government areas which are Kaura and Jema , to check the surge of such attacks.

However , thousands of people have been displaced from such attacks and it is pertinent for the Kaduna State government to bring the pepetrartors to book, while making steps to help the families who are displaced , get valued compensations and a new means of survival.

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