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Incorporate Individual Cleanliness And Sex instruction In School’s Educational Program- Anambra State NGGA Stakeholders.

by Austin Areh
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Anambra State Chapter stakeholders of Nigerian Girl’s Guide Association have stressed the need to incorporate individual cleanliness and sex instruction in secondary school’s educational program. The stakeholders said this during the one-day initiative training on Tuesday, November 5, for secondary schools in Awka.


The training titled: “Empowering Girls for Brighter Future”, had in attendance critical stakeholders of health and education sectors in the state.


Talking to participants, State Commissioner, Girl’s Guide Dr. Helen Obi, who talked on ”Menstrual Hygiene Management”, said that menstrual cleanliness was one of the instructive projects done by the affiliation.


As stated by her, the feminine cycle is one thing that young ladies experience as a component of their life and it is great that they know the subtleties during the early days of their life to forestall illnesses. Illustrating further, she stated that “Intermittently, we find out that young ladies are not very much educated about what they should know in this period, where there are loads of infection.”


The commissioner, however, urged girls to guard themselves during the period, as menstruation is their pride.

“There is need for them to be well informed about sex education, so they don’t make life time mistakes they can regret.

“Sex education should be part of the curriculum because girls now know about sex through the social media, more so, they acquire the knowledge without being properly taught.

”Incorporate sex instruction in secondary school educational plan so they know the proper thing and beat certain fantasies during the early periods of their life.”


In a presentation on Menstrual Management, retired Chief Nursing Officer, UNTH, Enugu, Mrs Dorathy Obionwu said agonies or issues being seen during menstrual stream was ordinary and presented young ladies to various phases of life.

She encouraged them not to be tricked that sex during feminine cycle would facilitate their torments, focusing on that, she said it would lead them to undesirable pregnancies and could also crush their future.


In independent comments, two of the young ladies, Miss Ifechukwu Onwuzulike and Kamsy Okpara recognized their pioneers for such a program, saying they had taken in a great deal on the best way to oversee themselves during such periods and how to create re-usable clean pads.

They approached their friends to join the association and start profiting by it.


The occasion was topped by leadership training, dispersion of sterile pads to members and creation of re-useable pads to spare expenses as shown by Miss Chinwe Chukwuma.

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