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Do2dtun Holds Mohbad’s Fans Accountable as Police Allegedly Disperse Grieving Crowds with Tear Gas

by InlandTown Editor
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Do2dtun, versatile from actor to on-air personality, grabbed headlines with his take on a contentious issue.. It all revolved around the Lekki tollgate tear gas incident, which left the nation in shock and sorrow.

Imagine a crowd of fervent followers, devotees of the late rapper Ilerioluwa Olademeji Aloba, the indomitable Mohbad, gathering at the Lekki tollgate for a candlelight parade in his memory. It’s a solemn occasion, a tribute to an artist who left an indelible mark on the Nigerian music scene.

Nonetheless, it’s at this juncture that the narrative takes a dramatic and unexpected twist. Initially, the scene was somber. However, reports began to circulate rapidly, with allegations swirling in every direction. Consequently, these allegations claimed that the police had deployed tear gas to disperse the congregation of mourners. Tragically, some of these loyal fans were injured in the process.

Do2dtun, the man of the hour, enters with words that are sure to ignite fiery debates.He took to his platform to share his perspective, unapologetic and unfiltered:

“Honesty over honesty, Nigerians do not listen. We do the most. This procession ended at Muri Okunola Park over 3 hours ago. We ended, and all left. Some still went to converge at the Lekki toll gate. It is not a protest. It is a candlelight procession.”

Do2dtun did not hold back; he threw punches, but not just at the victims. He turned his critical gaze toward the police for unleashing tear gas on grieving souls, insisting that such an act was not right. He stated emphatically:

“It’s not a right for the police to do that, but people hijack these things & turn it into something else. Muri Okunola (Park) was approved, and it was a peaceful candle procession.”

In his signature style, he urged Nigerians to apply common sense.

“It’s just common sense. The people that went home, are they stupid? Apply this thing sometimes. Na Lagos we dey.”

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