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YOV’s Unwavering Dedication to Nurturing Yoruba Culture and Tradition, Emphasized

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Yoruba One Voice, the leading Yoruba Diaspora organization, advocates for preserving Yoruba culture and tradition, which has eroded due to religious changes brought by modernization.

YOV hosted a groundbreaking virtual International Conference, streamed live on Facebook and other platforms, uniting people from around the world to refocus Yoruba energy on addressing challenges.

Our Grand Patron, the one and only Aareonakakanfo of Yoruba land, Iba Gani Adams, shared his wisdom during this event. He told us why we were all here: to get real about the issues that have been affecting our Yoruba race and find better ways to tackle them.

Iba Adams emphasized something that’s close to all our hearts: the sanctity and sustainability of our Yoruba culture and tradition. He’s like the guardian of our heritage, warning us that we absolutely cannot let our culture slip away. Our Yoruba culture and tradition define us and have earned us worldwide respect.

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But here’s the thing: civilization, religious bigotry, and fanaticism have been sneaking in through the back door and trying to change our story. That’s where our traditional rulers come in. They’re the custodians of our culture and traditions, and they have a vital role to play in preserving our cultural identity.

Our guest speaker and analyst, Mr. Fatai Ogunribido, hit the nail on the head. He talked about how religious fanaticism has been messing with our culture and traditions for way too long. And let’s not forget the British Colonialists – they did us no favors with their so-called civilization, which seemed more like an attempt to wipe out our destiny.

Despite these challenges, we’re still destined to be a leading race in the world. We’ve got a rich history, unique language, values, and a fashion sense that’s all our own. Seriously, our Yoruba culture and tradition are so special that other countries like Brazil, Cuba, and Hispaniola are trying to incorporate them into their own cultures.

But we need to stick together and fight for our dreams as a race. Unity is the key to ensuring the glory of the Yoruba race doesn’t fade away.

Yoruba One Voice and its conference promote Yoruba unity and progress, preserving culture and heritage in the modern world.

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