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Naija Artists With the Most Distinct Fashion Looks

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These artists not only rock the music scene but also slay when it comes to their unique styles. Let’s take a fashionable tour through their distinctive fashion choices.

Topless Wiz – Keeping it Casual Wizkid, the superstar himself, lives by the mantra, “If I can’t go topless with dangling chains and baggy trousers, I’m not going.” This guy’s signature look is all about comfort and swag, not to mention that signature bend-to-the-side move that’s become his trademark.

New Kcee – The Balaclava Extraordinaire Kcee’s revival was propelled by Ojapiano, and now he’s strutting his stuff everywhere in his signature full-face balaclava, in various designs and colors to match his outfits. Watching his stage performances is like seeing high-fashion masquerades play “boju-boju.”

Ayra’s Belt – Nollywood Nostalgia Ayra Starr seems to have been raised on old Nollywood films and 90s music groups. Her wardrobe is a nod to these influences, with crop tops, thigh-high boots, and those iconic belt-skirts. Did we mention she’s been walking runways as a model since she was 16? No wonder she effortlessly owns these looks.

Asake 2-in-1 – Flair and Flares Asake is all about body-tight tops and large flared trousers. He’s got a unique style that no one else in the music scene rocks quite like him. You can try to recreate it, but just remember, don’t chase after danfo buses in those pants, please!

Lagbaja da Mask – The Enigmatic Icon Lagbaja’s been sporting those aso-ofi masks that match his outfits since the 90s. Sometimes, he throws in some “dejá” sandals made from car or truck tires to complete the look. It’s an enigmatic style that no one’s ever quite dared to replicate. Just like MF DOOM and billy woods, Lagbaja’s mystique is part of what makes him special.

Pirate Ruger – A Symbol of Swagger In case you didn’t know, Ruger isn’t actually missing an eye. His eyepatch is all about embracing that hard guy persona and adding a ratchet twist to his pink-dyed hair. For some 90s kids, Ruger’s look is a nostalgic throwback to Baba Fryo, but Ruger’s got his own unique style and it’s his time to shine.

Odumodu Cap – Bravery in Fashion Since 2018, OdumoduBlvck has rarely been seen without his white, black, and red woven Okpu Agu (a.k.a. leopard) hat, a traditional Igbo cap that symbolizes bravery. It’s the same energy he brings to his tracks, and it’s become an integral part of his signature look.

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