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Request For Proposal For Waste Collection Contractors In Anambra State

by Austin Areh
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Government of Anambra state hereby invites proposals from experienced waste contractors in the state.

This invitation is in line with Governor Soludo’s vision of making Anambra a liveable and prosperous homeland, gearing towards putting extensive plan in place for the implementation of a house-to-house collection of waste products, and robust monitoring system for all waste collection and disposal processes.

The request is for proposals for solid waste collection/disposal, recyclable materials, collections and processing.

One contractor is required in each of the constituencies in the state, except Idemmili North which requires two contractors.

Documents to be submitted are to show the service rates per month quoted for each of the indicated zones.

The tentative Request for Proposal schedule are as follows:

1. Deadline for Request For Proposal submission to state; 8th June, 2022

2. Public hearing on contract documents; 10th June, 2022

3. Consideration of contract award letter; 13th June, 2022

Responses to this Request for Proposal must be received on or before 10:00 am, June 8th, 2022, at the Ministry of Environment, Attention: Office of the Deputy Governor and Ministry of Local Government. Three hard copies should be delivered to the physical location.

Government in conjunction with the management committee of Anambra State Waste Managent Agency, ASWAMA, provide contractors access to all dumpsites, provide waste bins for managing daily house-to-house collection of waste, determine contractor service fees and other fees related to waste collection levies, as well as monitor activities of contractors.

The contractor shall be responsible for waste collection and evacuation, assist the state in the distribution of payment demand notices in their designated locations and engage road sweepers.

Requirements for the proposals include:

1. Letter of transmittal briefly outlining the contractor’s understanding of the work and general information regarding the company and its staff that will be engaged

2. Notarized statement of contractor qualification containing certificate of incorporation, company’s organogram, background and experience of the management company, summary of the company’s history including years in the business, experience of delivering similar project, list of major equipment available to execute the project, list of work awarded to company that was not completed or any contracts that were in default, bank reference and two years financial statement, statement signed and dated by the company and a notary of the public recognized in the state.

Criteria for selecting waste evacuators contractors are as follows:

1. Basic waste collection and evacuation equipment including trucks, pail loader, compactors, excavators, swing-arm, etc

2. At least three months working capital

3. At least three years of waste collection and evacuation experience.

Proposals submitted late will not be evaluated. Proposals will be opened, read out loud and distributed to the committee for review and subsequent recommendation, while formal action by committee’s members is anticipated to occur at its June, 10th, 2022 special meeting.

Successful contractors will be engaged as Service Level Providers in line with a memorandum of understanding (MOU) to be drawn between selected/successful applicants and the State government.

Note that the state government reserves the right to accept or reject any proposal or waive defects or irregularities in any proposal. Any alteration, erasure or interlineations of the contract documents renders the proposal irregular and will be subject to the committee’s decision or outright rejection.

Sir Paul Nwosu
Anambra State Commissioner for Information

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Ugochukwu Okafor June 7, 2022 - 4:46 pm

I am interested


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