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Philanthropic Recognition: DJ Cuppy’s Award Acceptance Speech

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She received an award for her philanthropic activities through her foundation.

She disclosed this information on her Instagram page. Additionally, she pointed out that she had secured the philanthropic endeavour leadership award at the Best of Africa Award show. The award show focuses on honouring and celebrating the achievements of people of African and Pan-African heritage.

Cuppy in her post excitedly posed with her trophy, while dressed in a traditional attire of the Yoruba tribe. In her caption, she expressed her gratitude to the organisation for her award, noting her pride about being an African.

The post read, “Honoured to receive the ‘Philanthropic Endeavour Leadership Award’ thank you @BOA_Awards. Being African is truly my greatest superpower!”

While receiving her award she said, “This award means so much to me because I am being honoured by my own people. I DJ globally, prioritize philanthropy, but when Africans unite, our power is unstoppable. That’s my focus at Cuppy Foundation.

Cuppy is well known for her charity and generosity; especially when it comes to the betterment of Africans at large.
Her foundation empowers future African leaders with knowledge, tools, and networks for maximum impact in Africa and beyond.
Just in April 2023, Cuppy donated £100,000 to the University of Oxford as a scholarship fund for Africans.

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