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Igbo Culture: UNN Conference On Cultural Preservation

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The UNN’s first “Preserving Igbo Culture Conference” aimed to protect Igbo heritage from extinction. Global scholars, policymakers, and activists met April 8-10 to ensure Igbo traditions thrive despite modern challenges.

The diverse conference participants highlighted the pressing need to preserve Igbo culture. Discussions focused on using education, language, and community engagement to revitalize Igbo identity among youth.

The conference emphasized the decline of Igbo language, especially among youth. Language is crucial for passing down values and history, forming the core of any culture. Hence, efforts to revitalize Igbo language education in schools and communities emerged as a cornerstone of the conservation efforts discussed.

The conference also stressed using technology to preserve Igbo culture. Ideas included digitizing artifacts, recording oral histories, and creating educational apps in Igbo to engage younger generations and blend tradition with modernity.

Cultural festivals, storytelling sessions, and community-driven projects were also highlighted as integral components of the preservation efforts. These grassroots initiatives serve not only to celebrate Igbo heritage but also to foster a sense of pride and belonging among community members, thereby strengthening the social fabric essential for cultural continuity.

The conference emphasized the importance of global collaboration in promoting Igbo culture. Among the discussed ideas were cultural exchanges, involving the diaspora, and forming partnerships with international organizations to exhibit Igbo traditions on a global scale.

The conference emphasized urging governments, NGOs, schools, and individuals to prioritize preserving Igbo culture as crucial to Nigeria’s heritage. Participants identified sustainable funding, policy support, and institutional frameworks as essential enablers for long-term cultural conservation initiatives.

At the close of the UNN World Conference on Preserving Igbo Culture, participants departed with renewed dedication to safeguarding the Igbo legacy. In an era of rapid globalization, preserving the unique mosaic of Igbo culture is paramount. With collective effort and unwavering commitment, Igbo heritage will guide future generations to embrace their roots proudly.

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