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PDP Primaries to Hold on May 28th and May 21st

by Nuel Emuebie
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I believe that certain roles that are supposed to represent a large number of people must be given to people who have the process and motive at heart, and not just on paper because in the long run, actions speak louder than words.

But honestly, before I even start talking about the elites, I will like to talk about the regular Nigerian and how the mentality that guides us has been washed to the bottom because we have decided to put material possession ahead of humanity and general growth, what is shocking is that the ills of the society that the government and law enforcement agencies are fighting actually start from the small family circle. You will be shocked that many families in Nigeria have been able to pass the idea to their children that they must make money at all costs to be able to become respected in the society, back in the days, that emotion and knowledge was emphasized with going to school and graduating with a good degree, but now, the parents are ready to do anything to have their children drive the big cars and mansions illegally and it becomes a thing of pride to them.

One process that may change the outlook of the Nigerian state and its mindset is the clarity even in inter- party elections , in line with that, the PDP have announced that they are having their primary Elections for the presidential ticket on  May 28 and the governorship elections on May 21th. 

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