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Osinbajo informs President Buhari of His 2023 Ambition

by Austin Areh
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The variables that enhance the growth of democracy in every society largely depend on the mechanisms put in place to promote smooth democratic transition of power from one dispensation to another dispensation.

It is clear that the most important elements that make all the difference is that humans are actually involved in the process , they ensure that elections are met with voting and campaigns. Each party presents their candidates and it depends on tue masses to vote who they want to represent them in a timeline of four years. 

In many corners for the past months, there has been rumors about the current VP, Professor Osinbajo is also interested in becoming the president. In a bid to add clarity to the whole news touching different places,it has been confirmed that the President has been informed officially by Osibanjo about his plans to run for the 2023 elections, this comes after the APC Leader , Bola Ahmed Tinubu also declared his interest to become president of the federal republic of Nigeria. 

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