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Mothers Day, Every Day, All Year Around

by Austin Areh
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Mother’s day is here again and all over the world, different people are buying expensive gifts, travelling far and wide, typing messages all in the name of Mothers day.we have to agree that our mothers are worth the celebration, I mean imagine nine months of carrying you, years of weaning ,prayers and blessings, nights of tears and toiling,numerous sacrifices…They are truly Wonder Women.

If our mothers are all we say they are, then why do we keep all the love we feel for them and show them only one day in 365 days, totally wrong!!! I am of the school of thought that strongly believes in celebrating our loved ones every other day and not just one day.I am not against Mothers day, it is lovely that the world decided to set aside a day to celebrate all mothers around the world, however our mothers are worth more than one day celebrations. Incase you are thinking on how to celebrate your mother regularly and I don’t mean breaking your account type of celebrations ,we know our mothers appreciate the little things then continue reading.

Spend time with them: Every woman loves time well spent with a loved one, talk about your mother,visit her regularly, spend time doing the things she loves doing. However if you stay far away from her, try Skype or video calls…trust me you can teach her. Don’t spend time with her complaining about your life struggles, remember it is all about her and not you.

Compliment Her: When signs of aging start showing on a woman’s body, the various body changes might affect her self esteem. That is why  you need to finish her with compliments that would burst her head, tell her she is beautiful, tell her about her beautiful smile, compliment her looks, her healthy structure and watch her feel more confident about herself.

Call Her: Most times when we call our mothers, we spend time asking for advice, complaining about spouses and life that we forget that they also have lives, next time you call you wonder woman, try concentrating on talking to her without complaining. Ask her about everything even her grey hair, let her know that you care about her and want to know how she truly she is.

Buy her Gifts: we all know that women like money, gifts and general pampering. If you can spend plenty cash on boo and bae, imagine what more you should  do for your mother. Biko don’t buy her things that you know she can never use, women like clothes, money, food stuff and jewelries.

P.S – Don’t buy her slimming pills before she sends Amadioha your way.

– Take Her Out:  Is it only boo and bae you can flaunt, mba…..try flaunting the woman that gave you life and see how fulfilling it can be, take her to the cinema and watch funny nollywood movies, buy her icecream, sharwarma and all those goodies. In other words spin her make she feel am .

With these few points of mine I hope I have been able to persuade  you to treat your mother like its mother’s day every day. If you have refuse to learn, remember you would be a parent and what goes around would come around.

Inland Town 2019!!

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