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Tips On Being A Happier You

by Austin Areh
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Tips on Happiness

The International Day of Happiness comes up on the 20th of March every year to inspire, mobilize and advance the global happiness movement, the fascinating idea to celebrate happiness together as a nation was a decision made by a philanthropist, activist, statesman, and prominent United Nations special advisor, Jayme Illien with the aim to unite a global coalition of all states and ever since then happiness has celebrated around the world

While the International Day of Happiness seems like a pretty easy day to celebrate, it is actually difficult to celebrate as three out of every ten person are actually sad and attribute their happiness to either financial capability, loved ones or good things going on in their lives, what does happiness actually mean?

Happiness can be defined as ’’ the ever-elusive state of mind that’s characterized by contentment, joy, satisfaction and pleasure’, it seems like a pretty easy task to be happy, however with the amount of stress that an average  individual has to go through on a norm, it is hard to be satisfied and content when your account is reading red or while dealing with the loss of a loved one, so we all have to agree that happiness is certainly not as simple as it looks.

Happiness should be a conscious effort and not a feeling, it is a fight every day, every moment and every second to be in the happy state of mind. Let’s give you amazing tips on happiness;

-Change your thoughts: Every emotion, feeling and action begins first in your mind, it is important to make a conscious  effort to have happy thoughts in spite of our struggles.

-Look for the positive in all your experiences: Bad things always happen, however while dealing with the problems and trying to push past it, try looking at the positive part of the negative experience. For example, while dealing with the pain of a breakup or divorce, it is important to focus on good memories with your partner. Refocusing on the positive can help you heal from past traumas

-Cultivate optimism: Positive thinking is an important component of self-esteem and overall life satisfaction.Be optimistic about the future and enjoy your current state.

-Be Grateful: It’s so easy to look at all the bad stuff and forget the good things that are currently happening in our life, to achieve the happy persona, being grateful about little things is another way to boost your happiness.

– Go out more: Enjoy yourself, go out more, spend time with your loved ones and people that make you feel happy.

Happiness is a deliberate act. Be happy!!!

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