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Meet The Three Nigerian Sisters Soaring As Pilots

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Three Nigerian pilot sisters

In a remarkable display of talent and dedication, three Nigerian sisters have made history as pilots in their own right, carving out an inspiring path in the aviation world.

Inspired by their father, Captain Wale Makinde, a veteran helicopter pilot affiliated with the Nigerian Civil Aviation Authority, Mopelola Makinde, Oluwaseun Makinde, and Oluwafunmilayo Makinde have made their mark in the skies.

These three sisters who hail from Ondo State, Nigeria have become beacons of hope, resilience, and unwavering determination, for numerous aspiring female Nigerians to pursue their dreams fearlessly.

The eldest of the sisters, Mopelola Makinde, found her inspiration to follow in her father’s footsteps from a very young age. As a little girl, she was captivated by her father’s tales of flying helicopters to remote and difficult terrains. As time passed, her fascination grew into a genuine passion for aviation, and she became determined to pursue a career in the same field.

Currently, she stands as an accomplished and proficient helicopter pilot, defying stereotypes and motivating numerous young women to envision aviation as a promising and achievable career choice.

Oluwaseun Makinde, the middle sister, found herself equally enthralled by her father’s profession. As she listened to the captivating tales of courage and precision needed in helicopter piloting while growing up, she became resolute in charting her own course in the skies. Right from the early days of her training, Oluwaseun showcased unwavering tenacity and dedication. Despite encountering societal pressures and doubters who questioned a woman’s capability to excel in such a demanding field, she remained undeterred in pursuing her dreams.

Like her elder sister and her father, Oluwaseun excelled in her training, ultimately earning her wings as a skilled helicopter pilot.

Among the three siblings, the youngest, Oluwafunmilayo Makinde, charted a distinct path while remaining firmly rooted in the aviation industry. While Mopelola and Oluwaseun ventured into the realm of helicopters, Oluwafunmilayo embarked on a career as a fixed-wing pilot. Her passion and determination matched that of her sisters, and she fearlessly embraced the challenges of flying with equal enthusiasm.

These accomplished sisters are not only actively pursuing their passion for flying but have also found happiness in their married lives. Their achievements and dedication to their craft are a source of immense pride for Nigeria.

They also prove that when given the opportunity, women can excel in any field, matching and often surpassing the capabilities of their male counterparts.

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1 comment

Jacob Kayode September 2, 2023 - 9:41 am

Please i want to become the first pilot in my local government but my parent are not rich, please help me 09162378810 is my phone number please


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