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Kiki Osinbajo Turns a Year Older

by Austin Areh
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As one progresses through life,  certain elements of fulfillment surface in ambition.  Life is in phases and understanding the direction to follow in picking a career decision is a very sensitive time.

For artistically inclined people, the story is not different,  it resonates from the perception of people about entertainment and what they envisage as the aftermath of such endeavors,  in most cases that perception does not translate into reality as the gifted person is able to prove a point over time and corrects that misconception. In my opinion,  it totally depends on the dreamer to bring those dreams to reality and help everybody around them understand more about such profession.

It is interesting to note that people are getting involved in entertainment or the fashion industry , as entrepreneurial strides are becoming more popular, one of them is Kiki Osinbajo, who is the daughter of the Vice President. While she is known to have a fashion business brand , she is also celebrating her birthday , as she posted on her social media handles , wishing herself a happy birthday .

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