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Stella Oduah Calls The Act From Mrs Obiano and Lady Bianca “Disgraceful”

by Austin Areh
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The flux of intentions often serenades the mind of a man who wants to get the attention of a woman.  Its almost like the most difficult examination of a lifetime, firstly how you can get her attention,  and then proceed to expression your innermost intentions,  desires or aspirations.

In the most candid way,  each woman is built with her own thought process,  and indulging in that sphere requires some concentration and alot of emotional intelligence. In some cases we meet certain women who easily comprehend our emotion and stir it into the direction of certainty,  other times we meet the ones that posses high levels of sarcasm and leave us in a state of puzzles.

Concurrently, our level of patience is always tested in course of conversations and how sensitive we respond to details can determine if we deserve a date. But this is when it becomes more paramount to pay attention to the words she does not say and also use the opportunity to run a million yards into her life so you can be certain.

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