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Serious Lack of Empathy, Banky W Speaks On Reopening of Lekki Toll Gate

by Austin Areh
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The entertainment scene is not complete without movies. For every actor or actress, being on the screen is an art and a means of livelihood. We have gone through the phase from VHS down to the trend of High Definition cameras. Now each movie is carefully scripted, a well-equipped team,high level budgets and serene locations

For movie Producers , the roles accorded to each participant of a movie is highly attributed to the ability of the actor. If an actor is versatile multiple roles can be given in different movies. These days, actors with that natural gift, good looks and a good command of English are in high demand.

In recent times , there has been more participation of entertainers in the political scene, in the past , people like 9ice , Okay Bakkassi and some others , have made that transition from being on the screen , to joining the political terrain where decision making processes are the core of their activities. In 2015, musician cum politician , Banky Wellington , also known as Banky W, was involved in the election.  In a recent comment , he has frowned at the re-opening of Lekki Topp gate, as he classifies it as a movie that lacks empathy , however the ICC have explained that the company borrowed large sums to loan to facilitate their operations and they want to raise those funds to facilitate repayment .

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