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Empowering Nigerian Youth: The American Corner’s Impact On Innovation And Collaboration

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US Secretary of State Antony Blinken reiterated the government’s support for boosting innovation, entrepreneurship, and creativity among Nigerian youth.

Blinken officially opened the “American Corner” at 21st Century Technologies in Lagos, fostering entrepreneurship, innovation, and creativity among Nigerian youth.

Since 2000, the U.S. established 245 American Corners in about 60 countries, including 26 American Spaces in 21 Nigerian cities.

On day two in Nigeria, Blinken met with U.S. representatives, including Chargé d’Affaires David Greene, Consul General Will Stevens, and Minister Dr. Bosun Tijani.

He emphasized the American Corner advancing tech and creativity for Nigerian youth, aligning with broader goals of strengthening U.S.-Nigeria ties.

Part of the Biden Administration’s Sub-Saharan Africa Strategy, the initiative underscores a commitment to supporting Nigerian youth in technology and innovation.

He emphasized U.S. commitment as a security partner for Nigeria, focusing on Sub-Saharan Africa’s strategy to drive digital transformation and foster inclusivity in the digital ecosystem.

Praising Wale Adebola, CEO of 21st Century Technologies, for tech leadership, he thanked Dr. Tijani for the partnership in making Nigeria a tech powerhouse.

In Nov 2021, I talked about forging a modern partnership with Africa, emphasizing collaboration over assistance.

Working together to address shared challenges is evident in various places. Our responsibility, having served in public office, is to deliver results to our people.

“That’s what we’ve been charged with.

A lot is at stake: promoting accountable government, bolstering security, and crucially expanding opportunities.

“Now, as we’re doing that, two things are evident.  One is the future really is with Africa.  Ignoring Africa is perilous as one in four people on Earth will soon be from the continent. But we also see the incredible power of these partnerships in actually solving problems together.

“When we’re thinking about Africa, Nigeria has to be front and center. It holds the distinction of being the largest country, the largest economy, and the largest democracy. It is a natural partner for the United States.

Tackling the climate crisis, AI for good, and fostering inclusive economic growth is supported by many Americans in Nigeria and 500,000 Nigerian Americans in our community.

About the American Corner: More opportunities for Nigerians of any age or community to learn about the U.S., practice English, and get professional advice, benefiting both sides.

We share space with a top African incubator, reinforcing the U.S. commitment to drive digital transformation across the continent—a key focus for the minister daily.

“And this takes a village. Constructing infrastructure and fostering favorable regulations demand government, private sector, and entrepreneur collaboration, prioritizing women and youth.

“And I want to underscore the absolute imperative of bringing women fully into this venture and this adventure. Equal participation of women in the workforce worldwide would contribute an additional $28 trillion to the global economy. Imagine the possibilities and resources with fully empowered women.

Earlier, U.S. Consul General Will Stevens noted the American Corner gathered nearly 100,000 people last year, contributing more to diplomacy than any of his efforts.

“David (Greene) probably did a bit more – our charge d’affaires.  But that people-to-people diplomacy is the foundation, it’s the bedrock of a warm and strong relationship that our countries enjoy.  And this Corner today is one more step in the path that we’ve taken to help unleash Nigeria’s incredible talent.

“So I know that Secretary Blinken has a longstanding commitment to that people-to-people diplomacy. Demonstrating leadership as Deputy Secretary of State, at the National Security Council, and now as Secretary of State, we’re grateful to have him here.

Dr. Bosun Tijani, praising the center, mentioned Nigeria’s investment in talent to become a leading destination for technology.

He said: “We are also investing in talent. We aim for Nigeria to be a top global tech talent destination, training 3 million talents.

We aim to retain some tech talents while becoming a leading exporter of such talents globally.

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