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EFCC Seals Willie Obiano’s Property in Anambra State

by Austin Areh
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Life is no competition, and the earlier we realise that we only have our specific roles to play while we are here, then we will try to advance the motives of our actions, and also check on what we are investing into the society we live in. Our approach should be coated in humanity because it is the best energy to give or even feed off from as we continue to aspire to become better humans in the society and our world today. It is hurting that when we wake up, we wake up to many levels of segregation in the society, and I begin to wonder why the human race is called “mankind”, because those are two words , man then kind, which means man is kind to the other if you allow me twist it a bit, and this is the base of every action or relationship we build in the society.

I won’t spend time writing on how we must love each other and build together because that topic has been preached in the churches for decades and I wonder why we still have the society the way it is, it’s beginning to hit me that as the number of churches increase, its almost like people are becoming wicked, allow me say this, I don’t have any problem with the churches per say, but all I’m saying is that , institutions in Nigeria must come together and understand the concept of nation building, and that should be the pivot of the primary messages in circulation.

While accountability is a very potent tool in governance, it has been reported that the EFCC has sealed properties connected to the immediate past governor of Anambra State, Willie Obiano. The property is located at Ngozika Estate , in Awka , the Capital of Anambra State.

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