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Education In Anambra State Needs Clinical Supervision – Dr Chukwurah

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Inlandtown.com correspondent in Onitsha Mr. Chu Ifeajuna had a chat with Dr. Mrs Kanayo Chukwurah Education Secretary Onitsha South Local Government Area , In an interview throwing more light on educational sector in Anambra State.

Dr(Mrs) Kanayo Chukwurah, Education Supervisor, Onitsha-South LGA


How   would  you  rate  the standard  of education  in  Nigeria ?

–    Education  is  a process   of  receiving  or giving  systematic   instruction

Especially  a   School.   or  a  process  of  imparting  or  acquiring   general

Knowledge  , developing   the  Power   of  reasoning  and  judgment .

–      The   standard  of  Education  in  Nigeria  now  is relatively  above  average


  How  does  government  policies  on   education  affect  the  education sector? 

–  When we look at the  national policy on education  which has 5 main goal

It  affect  education  system positively

  1. a free  and  democratic  Society
  2.  a  just  and egalitarian Society
  3.  a united  strong and self  reliant  Nation
  4.  a  great  and  dynamic  economy
  5.  a  land full of bright opportunity for all citizens

–    When we look at these 5 main goals you find out that these goal are in line  With the  6-3-3-4 System  in Nigeria

The  subject we study are in line with  the goals- we have the core  Subject – English , Maths ,

Igbo as the case may be , vocational Social  Science ,and science subject  . Nigeria system  of

educational  now stresses on child centered education and also on  “Hand on method of

teaching/learning process. Here we talk of input process out to suit the society.


In what way have the Anambra  State Government (Presently) affected the Educational System.

Anambra State Governor Chief Willie Obiano (Akpokue Dike Aguleri) is aware  that Education  is  

the only of means national development and has been putting education at the fore  front  and

has been giving increased attention to schools?

  • The State has giving financial grant to school to the tune of over 6  million naira , modern facilities like computer, laboratory equipment, repair of dilapidated school buildings and building of new ones  both in Missions and Government owned schools.
  • The State is the first in Nigeria to lunch at State level World Bank Education programme Invested Project (SEPIP),State Technical  Support Unit(SPIPU).
  • The SEPIP project is expected to serve over 2 million children in Anambra,Bauchi and Ekiti State.
  • With that Anambra has done in funding education ,a visiting World Bank Official Maria –Nelly has described some of Anambra schools as enviable, models and standard across the nation and urge other  State to emulate Anambra state.
  • Recruitment of teachers at least help to match the population Explosion of pupils and students in schools
  • There has been incentive to rural area of 20% basic salary .more from urban to rural  N3000 paid monthly to secondary school teachers of  English , Mathematics and Sciences .
  • Increased attention to schools has started yielding desired fruit in Anambra State .Anambra State has taken an overall best position in Nigeria twice in West Africa Senior Certificate Examination (WASSCE)                                                                                                                                                                                                                                What are the Education Challenge in Anambra State as it concerns Onitsha South Local Government Education Authority (LGEA)?

-Before I talk about challenges, I have to first talk about positive effect. Since my assumption of office 1st may 2014 as the Education Secretary , there has been tremendous improvement in Education .

-Chief Willie Obiano has given a lot of grant to both Mission and Public Schools in Onitsha South Local Government Education Authority .There has been  a face lift in the school infrastructure . Thanks to our able ASUBSB  Executive Chairman chief Nzemeka Olisa Okoisi (PEN) for his positive thinking in education  by organizing seminars, workshop and even retreat  for head teacher to improve teacher’s skills and academic standards. This in turn  helped to improve teaching /learning process in the Local Government Area . The establishment Of  Quality Assurance Department that is responsible for effective supervision and monitoring of teachers and examination.

– Supervision is usually done 3 times in a term first checks and corridor test  on the day of first day of opening schools, secondly is clinical supervision of individual teacher and thirdly examination monitoring .

– These change in the Local Government Education Authority were actualized and indicator is seen in the academic performance in the end of session examination were the overall percentage pass is 97% while percentage failure is 3%.

–  Extra-curricular activities – The local Government Education Authority Sponsors a lot of competitions both within and outside the State  . For example Presidential debate held at Abuja 2014 and 2015, Anambra   State  took first position in  both years being represented by pupils from the Local Government  Education Authority pupils from the Local Government Area formed  the legislative Council that passed the bill in child’s right and came back with Trophies

–   The pupils from Local Government Education Authority  excelled in several other competitions where the individual schools participated and won numerous trophies.


  • Apart from all these goodies there are still some challenges in the Local Government Education Authority
  1. Non availability of vehicle affect supervision and monitoring of schools
  2. Low funding of the Local Government Education Authority .
  3. What is your advise to the Education Board on Examination malpractices.

–  when teacher teach well and pupils understand and learn well there will be no room for examination malpractices .The board is trying in the aspect of making teachers to teach well and there is also improvement on the part of pupils.

The ministry of Education which is the body responsible for examination is now trying by closing some of these “special centres “ which encourage exam malpractice .

My advise is that schools should not be allowed to register number of student greater than what they have at the end of SSII.

  • Let there be no new intake into exam classes to climate those student that leave their school or origin to other schools during examination .



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