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Breaking News : Terrorists Blow Train Tracks, As Army Intervenes

by Austin Areh
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In building up a pattern that serves as a blueprint for future generations, certain attributes make that pattern pass the test of integrity and transparency. As we go through life, we pick up certain values through experiences we have passed through, in the course of learning, and those experiences should be able to carve out our next moves and agenda. We discover that there is a saying, that charity begins at home, which simply means that whatever pattern or procedure you have adopted should be first tested indoors, before it is presented as the S.I unit for maintaining balance.

Security plus a vital role , in enhancing the prospects of development because peace is the pivot for such initiatives. When there is no peace , no project can be felt in its full potentials because the human elements complete the whole circle, and if they are not settled , then nobody feels the growth and positives that can be derived from certain policies.

While the government is trying to curb the rising cases of insecurity in parts of the country , it has been reported that Terrorists attacked a train from Abuja – Kaduna , detonating a bomb on the train track and tried to gain access to the passengers. Anas Danmusa,  who pasted on Facebook about the incident said some officers had gotten to them and they are safe now. In his earlier post, which raised alarm he had asserted that at around 6pm on MondayMarch 28th, 2022 , the terrorists detonated a bomb on the train with over 900 passengers on-board.

The train had earlier taken off from Idu Train Station at the Federal Capital Territory , Abuja hit the explosive devices on the tracks about 30 minutes to Rigasa train station in Kaduna.

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