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158,000 Cases of Violence against Women And Children Were Documented in 2021 – Minister Claims

by Austin Areh
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In Nigeria, we have women like,  Mrs Alakija holding the position of the richest woman in Africa and one of the richest women in the world, this clearly exhibits the fact that women cannot be rolled under the carpet.

The roles of women date to Nigeria’s pre-colonial era as we had figures like Queen Nana, who was said to have led in the South South region at a point. It just baffles me on how women have been sidelined in the rise of civilization in the African continent. In Delta State for instance, the first female member of the Delta State house of Assembly was the Late.

Dele Osawe, who hails from Aniocha South Constituency, at that time, she was said to be the closest ally of Odumegwu Ojukwu, in blessed memory. For a person like Ojukwu to hold anybody in high esteem, then you know the person must posses very high level of reasoning and vast comprehension on many issues that may arise in the course of communication.

Currently there are calls for more gender balance in different spheres of the society , but there is a call for more discussions about issues that even touch gender based violence. The Minister Of Women Affairs, Pauline Tallen, who spoke recently at an event , has been able to urge Nigerians to join the movement against all forms of violence against women and children in the society .

Mrs Tallen further explained  the problem of gender-based violence has caused a lot of setbacks and destroyed a lot of homes and minds, which are the building blocks of the society.

“When you are abused or raped, your psychic is affected,” the minister said in her comment on the issue. She also  described the abuse of children as the highest and the most wicked crime that can ever be done to children in our current world .

In addition she said  that the perpetrators of SGBV cases going scot-free is unacceptable and such must be checked. She further more urged everyone to support the fight against SGBV by joining women in prayers, by speaking to their sons and brothers especially those in the positions of power who can influence the general policies on the issue .

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