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Gunmen Open Fire in Enugu Enforcing Sit-At-Home Order

by Austin Areh
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In the long run, we discover that the marginalization that people are crying about does not emanate from the top, but from the offices that are given and roles these aides are  to handle in trust. All the Personal assistants and special assistant portfolios that youths who are opportuned abuse on a daily basis are the reason, the larger number of the people in the country don’t see the results.

They will report to their bosses that the tasks have been achieved, have videos and pictures to back it up, just for years or months after, their bosses are put in a bad light because of their own personal greed. All the system truly needs is accountability and more awareness in terms of empowering the right sect of minds to balance the growth rate for development.

So what is the difference between the people we criticize as youths , and what the youths who are picked as aides are doing? In other nations, Youth representatives aspire to bring more hope and serve as a bridge between the past and the  future generations. They have the access to new modes of technological experience and so they largely inculcate that into the governance to make it easier.

Youths need to be more concerned about the safety of Nigeria , because in the most recent times, many of the issues that have emanated in terms of security , have been from the mismanagement of youthful activities.

It has been reported that gunmen attacked an axis in Enugu , close to  Colliery Hospital, adjacent to Iva Valley Road, New Market Enugu, and shot  some passengers going out for morning business activities and wounded some, The Police via their spokesman, ASP Daniel Nduke, said that two persons were injured in a attack  but there no death was recorded so far.

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